Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spare time

I have recently inherited a vast amount of free time. I say inherited because it was given to me without me asking and it involved alot of paper work. With this newly found time, I need something to occupy my time and keep my brain churning so the rational choice was to start a blog.....

I gained this time because I was laid off today.

Don't worry; Its ok. Or will be. Its not now, but it isn't bad.

I loved my job. Sure, everything has its ups and downs, but I got a lot of satisfaction from the work I was doing. There were tangible results from my efforts.

I also really liked the people I worked with. As big a company as it was, it was very familial. I will miss seeing them everyday, but I hope to keep in touch.

The above statements is what makes it so hard for me right now. I was happy; and they took it. If you don't know me, or don't pay enough attention, you will know that I am a bit of a creature of habbit. Change is neccessary and unavoidable, but as long as I have a say in it, I am good.

I had no say. Therefore, I am not happy. Where is my routine? Up at set time, out the door at set time, grab coffee, run reports, etc....

Boy is Friday (the first unemployed day) going to suck...Maybe I won't go to bed and friday morning won't come.....yeah, probably not.

So I do my best to stay positive. Feeling sorry for myself and having a bitter attitude does nothing for the fact that I lost my job. There will be positive end results if I remain positive.

Had a discussion tonight with my mom about whether Karma is a biblical concept. I say that yes, it is. Reaping what you sow, as well as do unto others, as you would have them do unto you are biblical concepts that have similarities to the idea of Karma.

I would like to think that by maintaining a positive attitude, striving for the best in this situation and not allowing my self to be bitter or hostile can only reap good things for me.

So for my first post, this was quite the fragmented mess, but that maps pretty well to my state of mind. Expect more of the same for future posts as I don't anticipate much more clarity in the coming days.

Really wish I had lasted longer at work to succeed at my "Achieve Goal" of managing ambiguity.


  1. You got the hook up this morning- I shared a link to your blog on my blog, put you on my blogroll and drop a note to the 700 some members of HunkerDown06 over at Yahoo Groups- Sit back and watch your hit counter, that should be alittle more exciting than watching paint dry or grass grow but atleast it will occupy your Friday- Hang in there, something will come up, or the country will collapse and it won't matter anyways;-)

  2. John,
    You are in my prayers. There is only one way to have peace with this......Jesus.
    I will follow your blog as I fear my DD and SIL will be sharing your grief shortly. Perhaps by sharing your feelings on your blog it will help me to comfort them. For that I thank you.
    In His love,

  3. Welcome to the blogger world (my recent addiction!). I've said it a million times and I'll say it WILL be missed. I guess I'll have to find someone new to take up space in my cube...and bother me with rantings all day. ;-)

  4. Hey John...whatever you do, stay positive! You'll find it has very rapid positive results!

    Being retired just a year ago, I can feel where you are at just a bit...but just know this! There are a lot of us here that are more than willing to offer any support we can.

    Need to rant? Go ahead! Have a question? Ask away! Just want to share an idea or two? Feel free!

    This is a great group of folks and we all care for one another, so...welcome home, my friend!

  5. John,

    Welcome to blogdom! I hope things will turn around for you soon.

  6. i'm with Miriam, Hermit, and Catman on this; first, blogging is a great catharsis. Be positive, vent negative... but BE.

    You have the right line of thought-- positive thinking generates positive results. I firmly believe this!
    And Karma-- sure, what goes around comes around. At no fault of yours were you laid off ( I'm guessing, it being "as big a company as it was [was!ha!], you weren't the only one?). So you did nothing 'wrong'. Staying positive will attract like "karma".

    Welcome to the wonderful world that is blogging! I hope you continue the "worthy pursuit of adult leisure time" long after your next gainful employ...


  7. Cool blog. Even if though its conception is the result of something you had no say in. HERE, you have a say.

    Welcome. I now have another blog to keep up with, leaving all the less time to write my own. Life goes on... and I'm praying for clarity in your next step.

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