Sunday, January 24, 2010

Im going to give regular blogging a second shot.

Ok so, daily blogging is not a thing that I will probably ever continue for any amount of time. However, I think that I will try and write something at regular intervals. I am going to start with a broad goal of once a month. Really, this is shooting for the stars when you consider that I started this a year ago and in that time I only posted 5 times.

This is long, but as I said early on when starting this blog, it is for me. Plus, If I kept things short it wouldn't be an accurate reflection of me anyway. I am usually a very thorough (pronounced: Long winded) person.

So to answer the question that I estimate I have been asked over a million times, no I have not yet found a new job; though it is not for lack of trying....and trying....

I have been on many interviews and I have received much fewer calls back alerting me to the fact that they are not interested in me. Most of the "No's" I received came when I called the company back to inquire why they never called as promised. In college, I was adivsed by my Engineering mentor that when waiting for the call back, you should expect them to call you back by the deadline set. If they do not specify a date, it is appropriate to ask. What I am finding is that there is a diminishing sense of respect from corporations in regards to the treatment of potential employees. Most would not call me back, or at the very least to email and tell me they are not interested. My ideal action would be that they should respond back to me via the highest level of communication we shared. For example, if we spoke, we should speak again when you have made up your mind. Common decency. If I come in for two interviews, you better call me to tell me no instead of ceasing all communication. Just Saying....

I have a couple stories to tell where I was left with my jaw on the ground after chattting with the interviewer/recruiter. I will not post them in a public forum, but they convinced me that maybe I did not want to work with them anyway. Live and Learn...

Moving on from job talk. I've had ups and downs. Most of the ups preceed job activity and the downs creep up afterwards. I really can see why being unemployed can harden a person and make one cynical and bitter. I refuse follow that path.

To close this one up, the sermon at church this morning was about our Dreams. God has big dreams for us, we just need to make sure we are doing our part to tap into those dreams. We only got to the first point today, so the rest will have to wait till next week. The first step to dreaming God's dreams for us to step out and do something. We have to get out of our comfort zone and into God's realm.

The part that struck me was the following question: Who do you get your security from? If it is the world, then you are missing out big time. If our security is firmly planted in Christ, then we can tap into the Dreams that God has for us. How cool is that?
1. God has dreams and hopes for us
2. We can have them!

I really need to focus more on allowing God to take care of me. I crave control over my little bubble and have a hard time allowing anyone in. Finances are tight but I wring my hands and panic instead of pressing closer to God and allowing him to provide for me. God continues to provide for me but I also give myself a migraine and rub my hands raw fretting. It all ties back to the fact that instead of resting in the secure arms of Christ, I am wandering the cold reality of the world. I'm pretty sure I am missing out. I just struggle with the process of relinquishing control. THe funny thing about all of this is that I really do not have control over most of the things I worry about. The bills, the trucks faulty transmission, the broken vacuum cleaner, the refridgerator that is on its last legs...

Ok, so this is really long now, but I am getting stuff out of my head and onto 'paper'. I am going to give it a shot to post again tommorow. I do not have too much planned, so we shall see what happens.