Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3ish. Cleaning house

So John does not do well with excess time and energy....

My job required a lot of thinking; There were problems to be solved, bugs to find, failures to debug, etc.... In just two days of not working, my brain is racing with all this extra processing power.

Though I do not have a diagnosis, I am pretty positive that I suffer from Attention Deficit. Suffer is not the right word, I quite enjoy it. I think the people around me are actually the ones suffering.

The reason I mention the two things above, is that my job had a lot of things to do, which fed my ADD. So that by the time I got home, I was too worn out to bounce around and lose focus.

Because I am not using up my brain juice, I am running around like crazy. I can't sleep. When I do, I dream about the work I left unfinished. I am experiencing the ground hog day scenario dreaming the same dream about the same task both Thursday and Friday night. Here's looking to the encore tonight.

I spent today at home and got a lot of projects started. Not completed, but at least moving along.

I cleaned up my laundry room, but did not finish the laundry.
I finished painting the edges of the doorways in my hallway. I didn't edge along the ceiling.
I spent time partially cleaning the living room, kitchen, office and my bedroom.
I took one of my computers apart. I did however have to completely put it back to together as I am using it now to type this.

I did finally get my hair cut. It was well beyond the point where I should have done it. It looks good, however, now my head is cold, lol.

So the thoughts today were interesting. I am trying to update my resume and I am hung up on the Objective Statement. The last time I used this resume, I was looking for entry level engineering positions. I am not in that boat anymore. I have so much more of myself to offer after three years, that I can look for jobs in alot of different areas.

I really have a passion for people and technology. Ideally, I see my self in a project manager role. But I also could see myself I know I could not handle anything below that.

As I type I am realizing that I am offer complicating this and thinking too much. I am always guilty of over-thinking.

I will keep this one shorter than the last was quite the workout to the scroll finger I found out today ;)

One final thing....I am soliciting some advice. I internalize all my emotions. I have always held on to my stress until the point where I melt down. I realize that this is not healthy and the daily migraines are a constant reminder. The problem is that I have no idea how to not do this to myself. Any tips? I have to get this under control because it is going to be stressful in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Saturday night.


  1. I think having a journal is a great way to help with that. :-) AND...not to sound cheesy...but prayer is another great way. And remember prayer is a TWO-WAY CONVERSATION!

    LOLing at the unfinished projects...

  2. When I had a job setting up a brand new Wal-Mart Super Center...we worked under a time schedule and a lot of pressure to finish by a certain day! At least once or twice a day, they would come on the P.A. system, tell everyone to stop working, and on the count of three...we would all scream! LOUD!

    Seemed to work, cause if nothing else it made us laugh!

  3. Posted this over at my blog. Thought you might be interested if you hadn't heard of this job opportunity.

    Anyone need a job?

    Hurry, you have until Feb 22 to apply for this job on an island in the Great Barrier Reef.

    You will be paid approximately $100,000, live in a three bedroom home with a pool. You will be provided with airfare, camera and computer equipment, insurance, and transportation between the islands within the reef. There are no qualifications, all you need to apply is create a sixty second video explaining why you'd be ideal for the job.

    Your duties will be updating video blogs, photo collections, feeding the fish, collecting the mail, cleaning the pool and making oneself available for media interviews.

    Total estimated time per month? A whole 12 hours.

    The cool thing is, if the world decides to go Mad Max while you're out there, would you even care?

  4. Hello John - Aunt Brenda here sending along thoughts and prayers as you begin this new journey in your life -- We'll keep in touch and I'll send links to jobs I find on the Space Coast! love, Brenda