Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So its been a week and a few days since I made the commitment to blog regularly. I guess the second post is what sets the boundaries of what regular really means.

Today I had a conversation with a friend about jobs and working for the man. He currently works for a company and he remarked to me how much he would rather be working for himself because he feels unappreciated and unmotivated to work hard. The reasons for this are that he sees the benfits of his hard work paying for nice houses, and expensive cars for the bosses.

It made me think about my attitude. I have never allowed those thoughts to effect me to the point of expressing the same thoughts he did. Of course I often thought about how much a particular CEO or Director made, but my default attitude was that they worked hard to get there.

Also, my mindset has always been that I have been hired to do a particular job for a particular pay that I agreed to. At the point I no longer like the terms of the agreement, I have the power to change it by seeking new employment. Additionally, I can look back at the positions I have had and remember the personal satisfaction I got out of those jobs....plus I got paid to do it.

This may sound to some naive, but I promise you I am not. I think the real difference comes from my attitude and how I approach each day. I always make sure that first, I maintain a positive attitude-regardless of the type of day I am having. Second, I am constantly setting goals for myself.

If you are thinking positive, it is so much harder for the troubles of the world to barge in on your life and derail you. Also, what good does it do you to have a sour attitude? Most of the things that happened to you have or will have happened to almost everyone else, what makes you any different?

Second, by setting goals for myself, I ensure that there will be growth, motivation, and satisfaction in my life striving to check off those goals and make new ones. I think this is important because it keeps me from becoming complacent and stagnant in my current situation, while also giving me hope for the life I will be living when I attain some of my longer term goals.

So is my friend stuck with a bad attitude and no hope for the future? No! I have no idea what his thought process is in regards to how satisfied he is with his life. I simply used that conversation to evaluate my own thoughts on the matter.

In conclusion, sure, the boss man may have a fancy car and a nice house -BUT- I have daily satisfaction knowing that I approach each challenge with the mindset that I have already succeeded and I have a plan for the future

Also, I know that God is my ultimate provider. Everything that I have is because of him. My house, my car, my future job and my finances. This week has really put that in perspective for me as I realize that really need to lean in into him and trusting God to meet my needs.....and he is faithful and just.

Happy Groundhogs Day to you all, Punxatawny Phil says we will be having more winter. Im good with that as I have really been enjoying the recent snowfall we have had here in Kansas.

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